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On the market are a number of resistive breathing devices that are typically used in a sitting position at rest, which is very different from the demands of firefighting. Recently, the development of a resistive breathing device that was designed to be used during exercise has become commercially available – the Elevation Training Mask (ETM). The ETM primarily provides an adjustable resistance during inspiration with a set resistance on expiration.Each subject underwent the following; informed consent;elevation training mask 1.0 screening via rPAR-Q and Physical Activity Index; pulmonary function test; orientation; three VO2max tests (Rudolph valve, SCBA and ETM condition); a 5-week intensive aerobic training program using the Training Mask; post training pulmonary function test and VO2max tests.The orientation session provided subjects the opportunity to become familiar with the SCBA and ETM, maximal testing and high intensity training. At this session subjects performed pulmonary function tests along with measures of height, weight, and body composition. In addition,elevation training mask coupon code they performed an abbreviated exercise bout wearing the SCBA and the ETM. Screening Each participant provided written informed consent to participate in the project, which was approved by the NAIT Research Ethics Board (Appendix A). Upon consent, each subject completed a Physical Activity Index (PAI, Appendix B) and Revised Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (rPAR-Q, Appendix C) that was designed to identify those individuals for whom vigorous exercise may be inappropriate.elevation training mask review  Depending on the answers to these  questionnaires participants may have become ineligible for entry into the study.

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